Tips for Getting Booked

Success is in the details


  1. Be sure to have at least one picture with a business suite, and one with a dress.
  2. Fill the entire form…the more information on your profile, the better.

Communication with clients:

  1. Get detailed information from the client about the job. Know what is expected of you on the day of the event.
  2. Pricing: before you give yours ask what client is willing to pay.
  3. Visit the client website.  The more you know about a company, the more you will impress them. This may lead to a preferential booking of you over others.
  4. Tasks:  Make sure to ask what your duties will be, so you will be prepared.
  5. Have the client sign a contract. This can be purchased from our site.
  6. Open a PayPal account to get paid in advance.   Most clients prefer to pay with credit cards. It helps guarantee that you get paid.


  1. Attire:  Always dress for success.  That is a key to getting rebooked.  Appearance is everything.
  2. Remember that they are hiring a glamorous model … Dress up.
  3. Ask the client what to wear, dress or  business suit; do not presume.
  4. Nails:  they should be an elegant color…it is highly suggested that you not wear black polish.
  5. Makeup:  Think in terms of going to a wedding…use the same colors and amount.

Day of convention / event

  1. Always be 10 minutes earlier than requested…it shows commitment.
  2. Manners Matter!!  Be polite and courteous to everyone. 
  3. We highly recommend that you not develop a personal relationship with your clients …keep it professional at all times.

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