Print Posted by Heather Burdette on 06/14/2016

Heather Burdette - Corporate Spokesperson, Trade Show Presenter Narrator, Emcee MC for Events

As featured in the New York Times and on APM Marketplace on NPR, Heather Burdette is an in-demand professional trade show presenter, narrator, MC, or on-camera host based in Las Vegas, but available anywhere. Your trade show presence and investment are vastly important, so bring in this warm and charismatic presenter to attract the right kind of attention, to communicate your brand's message with precision and clarity, to get more qualified leads from your exhibit and ultimately, to ensure your success.

Heather is also an experienced and professionally-aggressive lead generator for trade shows, an adept product demonstrator able to blend into your company instantly, and even a show strategist and consultant who can help you flesh out your exhibit strategy from start to finish and train your booth staff.

Whatever your need, lock in trade show specialist Heather Burdette today--before your competition across the aisle does!

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